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Staburadze repositioning.

Staburadze is the leading manufacturer of quality pastries and fresh food in Latvia.

You may trace its history back to 1910, when Vilhelms Ķuze, later known as the king of sweets opened his first confectionery.

Though Staburadze is a brand that has been fixed in the eyes of consumers as a product benchmark, it had little to none communication in the last decade.

That caused the young generation start turning away from the legendary brand.

So we came up with the idea.

Celebrate life, celebrate the little things and big. It’s in ourselves to find those things in the mundane and in ordinary, in personal victories and long overdue gatherings.

For decades the cake Cielaviņa has been a symbol of celebration and warm gatherings. We wanted to remind the consumers about those cherished days and encourage more of them together with the beloved cake. 

The campaign attracted wide spread attention and a new house-hold saying had been embraced. It playfully reminded people of the significance of the cake when having guests come over.

Besides that we created a platform “Surprise moments”, together with opinion leaders and inspiring people. It was an initiative we brought to major companies so they can surprise colleagues and partners, and create a wonderful celebration with Staburadze.

It became the most recognized and successful Staburadze’s campaign that helped to reach the best sales results and build more positive perception.

But the most important – the catchy message invited people to celebrate moments they wouldn’t usually do with something so official as cake.

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