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What has been the sheer joy of being human from the beginning of time? What inspired us to create fire not only once but more times then the grains of sand in the palm of one hand? What inspired us try and fail and try again to fulfill a seemingly unseeable goal? Stories. Incredible and inspiring stories that give us faith in ourselves, the world and others. Because truth be told the universe is made of stories, not atoms.

Some would say there are more stories out there that should even need to be told. We live in an information era where everything is accessible and even throw into your face at immense speeds. Buy this, check this, subscribe and share this. These sloppy bursts of text is something we’ve been doing in advertising for the past 15 years and consumers are tired of it. What they and what we, as part of the ad industry, understand is that real, quality advertising is not advertising at all. It’s consumer experiences and interactions with you as a brand that consists not only of a $1000 slogan and new, minimalistic logo but the people and stories behind and in front of the brand.

Vuca as a brand care agency encourages all its clients to make meaningful connections with their consumers and create original content that would either entertain, educate or inspire them and associate them with your brands tone of voice and attitude. Because your brand is and should be more than a carpet company or major fast food chain. It should be a versatile story driven experience. So start telling stories, it will pay off like Apple shares bought in 1976.