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The Criminal Excellency Fund

The Criminal Excellency Fund is an in-production crime comedy about deceiving, misleading and fooling ordinary people for personal gain.

When most feature films in Latvia get financial aid from the government they decided to keep their independence and base their budget on crowdfunding.

That is where the idea of combining filmmaking and marketing to also intrigue businesses was born.

Fittingly we decided to get extra funding from top marketing execs by tricking them into meeting with us.

We got an actor to play out a classic swindle by convincing them that he is their long lost brother.

With this tactic of deceit we visited the biggest names in local marketing to create buzz and get extra budget for the movie.

The movie got wide spread recognition among brand managers and various financial offers. That encouraged us to keep going with the same tactic.

So watch out! One day lost brother can turn up and knock on your office door, too!

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