VUCA communications | “Uzslavē labu servisu” inicative

“Uzslavē labu servisu” inicative

The VUCA world is built on passion and new, exciting ideas that we want to spread and share to others. We truly understand that times are changing. What was cool yesterday might be shameful today and vice versa. However, there is something about everlasting values, which will never go out of style.

VUCA is all about staying modest and grateful. It doesn’t matter how far in life you are, you have to remember every single one, that helped you get there. Even your 4th grade Maths teacher, no matter how unfair she was to you and never to Alex!! That is one of the many reasons why the VUCA team has taken over the “Uzslavē labu servisu” inicative. It is all about gratitude. It is about something as simple as saying – thank you. Because let’s face it, we do it rarely and sometimes we are in such a hurry with our own lives, we forget about it. But it is ok, as long as we remember to do it at all. “Uzslavē labu servisu” is such an effortless way of saying thanks to that bus driver, who saw you running and stayed at the bus stop for 20 more seconds. Saying thanks to the barista who didn’t point out when instead of macchiato you asked for makiato. Saying thanks to that lady at the train station information point who understood your lost soul from half a word. “Uzslavē labu servisu” also comes very handy for those who are just plain shy to compliment others in public or those who have a “though guy look” and don’t want to ruin it by showing genuine human kindness. Ether way, it might mean nothing to you, but it could make someone’s whole day. Who knows, maybe even week.

It’s all fun and games, but it is a must to take our heads out of the clouds occasionally and appreciate people and services that helped us along the way. Work hard, party hard, say thank you even harder.