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VUCA content roulette chalange.

VUCA Content Roulette

How can a small advertising agency dedicated to creating content marketing knock on the doors of big clients that don’t know it exists? Knock longer? Knock harder? Knock with a baseball bat? 

Or show them first hand why the hell they should open those doors? So VUCA took a stand by practicing content marketing on itself. Because they believe that the most successful brands should be a platform to tell the most compelling stories. 

We took a great book on the future of brands and gave it a make-over with 5 witty covers to showcase our enthusiasm for creativity.

We sent those books to the 50 top marketing heads in the country together with an invite to our workshop. A total of only 80 people from the biggest company’s in Latvia were allowed to partake in the event full of inspirational speeches from the best people in strategy, film, data analysis, art and journalism. All showing patterns of how telling good stories, turns into great brand awareness. 

After inspiration came a task with the launch of our Content Roulette. It was a chance for brands to win content marketing in collaboration with VUCA’s creative and marketing expertise and the aesthetic eye of a well known Latvian film director. The task made the managers practice and actually see how easy it is to write a brief for content marketing.

Doors were finally opened and some of the best known brands wanted to engage and know more one how to expand their awareness with content marketing from VUCA. Further spreading the belief that continuous, great quality content is what makes or brakes a long-lasting brand. 

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