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VUCA’s family has grown

The VUCA team has recently moved to a much bigger and wider office. We’ve experienced a growth. From the first floor, to the fourth. Not because we have gotten fatter through the cold winter months, but because VUCA’s family has grown. We have expanded. We  have a few new born babies. They are walking their first steps in advertising and like every proud and excited parent would do – we spoil them by giving what every office worker would ever want. Chairs that are so proper like they were made to sit on. Internet so fast it must be from outer space. Doorbell, that lets to know when somebody is right behind the door.

No more predicting, no more guessing. This is the life on floor four. Heads in the clouds some would say… if that some lived in area where clouds are really low. With height, also our ambitions have grown. We have that ambition to achieve higher and higher goals, do better each time and never be okey with mediocracy. For example, there is no more resting pause at third floor when climbing up to office. We are known for finishing things with dignity and without breath. Not only we are passionate about our new office and the work we do, but also life in all its sometimes delightful and sometimes dreadful wonders.