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Meet the VUCA team


This is not going to be a classic ‘about us’ story – what kind of agency we are and how great our work is and what kind of pancakes we prefer. It is going to be about the humans, behind the work that we are so proud of. Also maybe little bit about those pancakes.

Pleased to meet the VUCA team.

That kind of team you would see in movies, if movies were about full service advertising agencies. The team is a perfect combo of people with a unique perspective on things and embracing it in very different ways. Vuca is proud to say that we are a part of the Latvian Art Directors Club family and three of the LADC school’s best students are under our wing. Because we need the best so we can give the best to our clients. That’s how it goes.

We believe that with experiences come stories. That is why our team reaches out for their passions and fun whenever given the chance. For example our art department is practically audio – visual. We have designers that do their own radio shows, that get the dance floor moving as a Dj and play in bands. Our creatives are not only good with words on digital paper but also on stage one is the co-founder and comedian of stand-up organisation inovatly called Comedy Latvia and the other has her own improv team. Our brand manager has a passion for adrenalin so we send panic situations down here way cause they’re just piece of cake for her.

Speaking of cakes, our client service orchestra could easily open a Michelin-starred restaurant with all the projects cooking and for real cooking they do. Cake, steak and even more things that bake. Girls at this departament don’t wish you good luck, they encourage you not to give up. They’re a lighthouse that guides you to the right direction.

This is it. Now you know who is hiding behind these day-time-super-humans. Hope you got a taste from us and the passion that we are carrying. However, speaking about those pancakes…it would be pancakes with maple syrup.

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