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Samsung Galaxy A Dream campaign.

Samsung Galaxy Dream Season 1

We live in a time were Millennials grow up with the need to inspire, make a mark, change the world but fall short because they don’t believe in themselves.

Dreams are just fairy dust to those who are afraid to make them real. That is why Samsung set out to believe in those who dream and make their dreams come true. 

Samsung asked dreamers from 3 Baltic countries to share their dreams about music and film on social media.

After that we found 6 amazing young and talented people we set them up to meet with famous musicians, in each country to practice for an epic concert together happening simultaneously in the three biggest clubs in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

The talents who dreamt about music got to sing on stage with their idols and the talents who wanted to film, documented the whole process with a professional film crew.

A dreamers and the dream winners were celebrated through 3 epic events reaching total campaign awareness of 903 500 followers.

Over all the results were breathtaking both online and offline.

But the best result was seeing 6 young people believe in themselves, just like Samsung believed in them from the very beginning.

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